OC3 Cyber Protection Subcommittee

Our Mission:

The mission of the OC3 Cyber Protection Sub-Committee will provide cyber expertise to internal and external partners to defend and protect life sustaining critical infrastructure and supply chain activities (i.e. water, utilities, transportation).

Our Core Values:

  • Provide cyber subject-matter expertise
  • Generate public awareness for cyber exercises, info sharing, and best practices
  • Provide hands-on support for cyber drills and TTX exercises to Ohio counties
  • Develop, deliver, and critique mock cyber incidents

Working Groups & Deliverables

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Report a Crime or Threat.

Urgent Threats/Incidents or Crimes in Progress, Dial 911

Upcoming Events


OC3 Cyber Protection & Preparedness S.C. Meeting

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Lines of Effort

For further information or business collaboration, please contact:

James Meador - Co-Chair
Ohio Homeland Security

Janille Stearmer - Co-Chair
Ohio Homeland Security