OC3 Governance Subcommittee

Our Mission:

Identify and share best practices, policies, and technologies for all Ohioans by:

a.   Providing a collaborative research and development environment for the development and testing of innovative technologies and processes.

b.   Ensuring cyber threats are part of emergency planning at all levels both public and private.

c.   Using public awareness tools to educate and inform key decision makers of good cyber security practices and the latest information.

d.   Educating the general public on the importance of cyber security for the “Internet of Things.”

e.   Sharing threat intelligence between both public and private sector entities, facilitated through the Ohio Homeland Security State Fusion Center.

Working Groups & Deliverables

Past Projects

The OC3 Governance subcommittee has been tasked to complete many projects which result in research and written reports to the OC3 to support the Ohio Cyber Range, the Ohio Cyber Reserve, and the Education & Workforce Development Subcommittee. Some of these projects are:

  • Ohio Cyber Range governance structure
  • Reviewed legislation text for cybersecurity content
  • Respond to requests from Innovate Ohio for cybersecurity legislation ideas
  • Cybersecurity assessment plan to support Ohio Safe Harbor law
  • OC3 Website management and content review
  • OC3 Best Practices website structure
  • Research, study, and report on Threat Sharing in Ohio
  • Data Security - Industry Weaknesses Report

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Governance Subcommittee Meeting


Governance Subcommittee Meeting

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For further information or business collaboration, please contact:

Scott Wolf - Chair
Partner, Willco Tech