Ohio Cyber Reserve

The Ohio Cyber Reserve is a unit of the State of Ohio Defense Force which is a component of the Ohio Adjutant General's Department and serves under the governor as commander in chief.

Our Mission:

The Mission of the Ohio Cyber Reserve is to Assist, Educate and Respond as directed by the Adjutant General and the State of Ohio using fully-manned and mission-ready Cyber Teams.

Assist Ohio with cyber risk surveys, network surveys, and network security sustainment planning using the NIST Framework as a guide.

Educate Ohio and build interest in cybersecurity matters using the NIST Framework as a guide.

When needed most, the State of Ohio will be able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge and industry specific expertise to respond to cyber emergencies.

Our Vision:

Ready today, protecting tomorrow as the premier National Guard state.

Our Values:

  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Excellence

Lines of Effort

For further information or business collaboration, please contact:

Major Kevin Mamula (Ret.)
OC3 Appenticeships & Internships S.C. Member

Charles Robbins
OC3 Governance Committee Member
and OhCR Reservist

Craig W. Baker
Program Administrator
Ohio Cyber Reserve