Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee

Ohio’s cyber community working together to help Ohio’s citizens and organizations achieve world class cyber security.

The Adjutant General’s Department has brought together public, private, military and educational organizations to develop a stronger cybersecurity infrastructure and workforce. To strengthen cybersecurity in Ohio, the Ohio National Guard has brought together more than 30 public, private, military and educational organizations to form the Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee (OC3). The OC3 mission is to provide a collaborative environment to develop a stronger cybersecurity infrastructure and workforce.

The committee supported planning that led to the establishment of the Ohio Cyber Range, which is managed by the Ohio Cyber Range Institute — a virtual environment used for cybersecurity training and technology development.

OC3 members include representatives from the education and business communities to develop a program to increase the number of students who pursue certificates or degrees in cybersecurity.

History of OC3

When Governor John Kasich formed the Ohio Collaboration Committee in (2015), otherwise known as OC3, the organization was given the task of determining the best means of improving cybersecurity within the state. This overarching cyber goal included state government, critical infrastructure, businesses, hospitals, and the grassroots citizens of Ohio. The OC3 organization was given two tasks: 1) to create a Cyber Range which could be used for cybersecurity teaching and training, and 2) to determine the best way to form civilian incident response teams within the state.

Initially, the OC3 working group consisted of agency directors chosen by the Governor based on their knowledge and agencies’ involvement in cybersecurity. In the early days, OC3 was very small and consisted of 3 core members representing the State CISO’s office, OARNet, and the Ohio National Guard. With such a small group, progress was slow since none of the members could work full time on this initiative. At that point, Governor Kasich asked the Adjutant General to provide additional fiscal resources and hire a full-time employee solely devoted to the effort. OC3 then began to grow…

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OC3 Full Committee Meeting


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